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Hometown Holy

Have you ever heard a friend describe where they grew up & make it sound so good that you wanna go there? Seems like everyone has stories & reasons why their Hometown is special. There’s pride that comes with where you're from. From the folks who live there to the memories made, it makes you who you are. In writing this song I wanted to dive deep into why that is. Not to just describe where I’m from, but to remind every listener in some way of what makes their Hometown Holy to them.

Any Angel

The idea for this song was given to me by a friend’s 10 year old daughter while I was playing a show for my high school reunion a few years back. Her dad told me she started writing songs because she loves my music. She talked about the Devil & his fall from grace. It got me thinking about how we all tend to forget that the Devil used to be an Angel, God’s favorite Angel. So I told my co-writers about this thought process & we started to ask the question “Devil is there Any Angel left in you?”

Drink Drank Drunk

Every country artist needs a song that gets people to raise up a cold one. I wanted to write a drinking song that was a barn burner but approached what it said differently than just being on a beach or out at a bar with your friends. One that says why someone drinks but doesn’t make you feel sad. One that gives you a chuckle. So my co-writers & I decided we should give people a step by step process to how they get where they are wanting to go. And it goes “Drink, Drink, Drink, Drank, Drunk."

Teach Me How To Live

Seems like there are those handful of people in your life who teach you everything you know. Sometimes it’s by them directly telling you and other times it’s just by watching them live their lives. For some it’s their parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, a could be anyone. But even with the countless life lessons these people teach us, it seems there’s always one lesson they will never be able to teach us or prepare us for: to live without them.

One Sip Ahead

I’m a big fan of Ed Sheeran’s songwriting & the way he can flip a common phrase into something unique & memorable, but still keep that sweet sentiment or catchy melody. I always said I wanted to write a song that was like if Ed wrote a country song, and this song is my version of that. It’s kind of a polite or clever way of saying “screw you” to someone who did you wrong. Telling that person that you aren’t heartbroken over what they did, you’re already ahead of them, “One Sip Ahead” in fact.


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